It's no secret that staying hydrated is vital to a happy and healthy life. But what if you're watching your caloric intake? Can you still stay hydrated without the typical high-calorie beverages? The answer is yes! Low-calorie water can provide many of the same benefits as other drinks but with zero calories.

The benefits of drinking water are widely known and have been proven to help you keep your weight under control. The key is finding the perfect low-calorie drink that still delivers the benefits of water daily. Water is essential for all our bodily functions. It helps keep us hydrated, so we don't have to overcompensate by drinking too much when it's hot outside or exercising outdoors.

8 Advantages of Drinking Low-Calorie Water

1. Water is a great source of hydration.

Water is essential for all our bodily functions, and it is recommended that we drink eight glasses of water per day to be healthy. Water is the main component of blood and most of the body's fluid. When we perspire, the fluid leaves our body through our sweat glands on the surface which keeps us cool in warm climates or allows us to cool off when it's hot outside. The body also depends on water to digest food, eliminate toxins and waste from our bodies, regulate body temperature, and keep organs moist.

2. Water can help you stay full longer.

Low-calorie water helps slow down the emptying of your stomach, so you feel fuller longer after drinking it. It means you'll be less likely to overeat at your next meal, which will help you maintain a healthy weight. It also helps to replace fluids during exercise so you can sweat more and burn more calories while you exercise.

3. Water can help you get rid of bloat.

Drinking too much water before bed is a common cause of unwanted bloat and constipation in the morning. Drinking a glass or two of water about an hour before bed allows your body enough time to process it before you hit the sheets for the night. Advertisement

4. Water helps you to maintain a healthy heart.

Dehydration can elevate blood pressure and interfere with proper circulation. Drinking lime-flavoured water also helps lower cholesterol and maintain a healthy heart by preventing plaque in vessels. Moderate, ongoing physical activity prevents plaque build-up, but when you don't drink enough water, it's more likely to accumulate. Water regulates blood pressure by keeping the arteries from swelling and inhibiting blood flow to your muscles.

5. Water helps you maintain a healthy brain.

Water is crucial in helping your brain to stay sharp and keep you focused. It also transports oxygen throughout the body, keeps the skin hydrated, and acts as a natural coolant for the body to prevent overheating. Many studies have shown that when we don't drink enough water, it causes brain shrinkage and can interfere with cognition, concentration, short-term memory, and the ability to maintain focus.

6. Water can boost your metabolism.

Low-calorie water helps to control cravings, metabolize fat and maintain a healthy metabolism. Drinking one glass of water per 20 pounds of body weight per day can help you lose weight by bringing your body into a state of ketosis, which helps burn fat more efficiently.

7. Water can keep digestion regular and prevent constipation.

There is a strong correlation between drinking more water and keeping your digestive system regular. It helps to keep stool soft so as not to cause constipation and also helps eliminate waste before it causes toxicity to the digestive tract.

8. Water helps you feel better overall.

Maintaining a proper water balance makes you feel healthier overall since proper hydration boosts your immune system functions and keeps your mind sharp and focused all day long.


Unsurprisingly, drinking a lot of water is important to maintain a healthy weight and staying healthy. Now, you can start to replace your sugary beverages with low-calorie options and boost your health while staying on track with your calorie intake.

The great thing about low-calorie lime-flavoured water is that they don't need to be limited just because you're trying to lose weight. No-calorie water is great for people who want a boost of hydration or those trying to drink fewer calories while still enjoying the benefits of water.

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